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I Address Almost 350 Students in Christ University”: Air Asia

I, Captain Poonam Devrakhyani, with full confident wings, got a chance to address almost 350 students at Christ College in Bengaluru, India. The moment was not for me to be grateful for, but as I could sense the hunger to aim the skies from some students who were present in the college auditorium. I thank Archana Singh, Ph.D., Associate Professor – HR, Christ University, for taking the responsibility to organize a special day for students to understand all about the aviation industry and the scope it has for them.

“When you venture out in search of jobs and experiences, you will release that you are always battling with the economy, but make sure you choose a long-term career goal following your passion.Today I am Captain in Airlines because of my dream and desire to fly with the freedom to touch the sky.”

                                                    -----Captain Poonam Devrakhyani------


My experience clearly states all about overcoming challenges by the way you think. If you today dream to fly in the air, do some crazy activity like parasailing or sky diving, or even you want to touch the sky being a Pilot, well who you think can stop you? I have addressed students many times for their fears and failures of losing a job, losing a good relationship, or even facing the financial problems. All these can be a significant hurdle for your dreams but never lose hope on the one who made you be in this world.

When you dream, you trying to achieve, so never stop dreaming. And when you start performing, you find all the solutions to your problems, opportunities, and destiny holders come your way. My words wouldn’t be enough to thank my family and educators or supporting me now and then.

I am sure you want to read more. I thank Air Asia Inflight Magazine for Publishing the event of Christ college and beautiful scripting of my words well noted.

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