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Poonam Devrakhyani, Dynamic Airline Pilot and Influential Corporate speaker, with over 16 years of International and Domestic industry experience. Capt. Poonam, has exceptional keys to make an impact and aspiration for many. Accorded with Awards - Women Achievers(UDAAN Foundation - Exemplary Social and Professional Contribution). She has amassed over 6000 hours of flying experience operating all manner of aircraft, from two-seated planes to the large Boeing 737 & Airbus 320 airplanes.For Poonam, flight is a set-up of freedom but her cornerstones of success are consistency, determination and humility. Her elevated delivery empowers audiences to hook up with a greater vision before challenging them to use it to boost their own growth.


Honors with Commercial Flying License, Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation from University of Mumbai, General Management Programme in Aerospace from IIM Bangalore, Master's in Aerospace and Aviation from Toulouse Business School, France and currently pursuing Master's in Aviation Law and Air Transport Management.
Interests: Paragliding P1 rating| Scuba Diving | Zip-lining | Painting

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Being established and goal-oriented, there are 5 mainstays in my life that I consistently subscribe to: neuroticism, machiavellianism, social intelligence, enthusiastic optimism, and ultimately agreeableness, which differentiate me as a High Individual and empowers me to dedicate my time and expertise to energizing others. Conscience and delicacy come to me from volunteering at Samaritans, a Suicide Prevention NGO, and working towards the development of underprivileged children. Scuba diving and zip lining are two of my absolute favorite adventure sports. Capt. Poonam makes it known that you are unique and that you possess GREATNESS. Never let someone else's perception of you become your reality. A person who is observant, deliberative, goal-oriented, competent, and dutiful. I am a sociable person with a strong sense of self-belief.


What Capt. Poonam talks about, she is known to cover the following topics: Drive & Determination, *Overcoming Adversity *Peak Performance *Overcoming Obstacles *Keeping An Open Mind *Dealing With Pressure *Women Achievers *Dare to Dreams*Flying Big Jets*Corporate Business Booster Working Environment Self-belief & Decision-making PowerManagement in Personal & Professional GoalsProfessional boostCareer Direction at Schools & Universities

She also says“Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your Destiny.”


Received Token of Gratitude from the Christ University, Bengaluru –Thank You!!!


The Special Feel, a Never Forgotten Appreciation.

The Power of Mindset

Goals to Conquer.Rightly said positive thinking is the power of our soul.

Motivation is the essence of life, which is like a fuel for a human body, so let's be motivated and keep motivating.

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Goals are always aspiration aligned, remember the will to conquer come from within, here are few words of praise…


Some pen down notes where I try to enrich the knowledge of the readers on the real life perspective link with the professional life…

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I Address Almost 350 Students in Christ University”: Air Asia

I, Captain Poonam Devrakhyani, with full confident wings, got a chance to address almost 350 students at Christ College in Bengaluru, India.

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